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        Category Brand

        Seawall, representing the dedication of Yu Gong and insistence of Jing Wei, is a symbol of Xiamen's communication with the world. Seawall embraces mountains, sea and sky, and connects islands, mainland and the world. Seawall holds the Chinese tea culture firmly and connects Xiamen to the whole world closely. Seawall has deeply rooted in the hearts of Chinese people around the world, and become the glory of "Made in Egret Island" recorded in the history books. Seawall tea once was the "ancestor" of Chinese Oolong tea to go to the world after travel with the forefathers worldwide crossing the sea, winning fame in the world; now, Seawall tea continues to lead the new trend of tea production and sales, setting sail newly, expanding new territory, and spreading new fashion.
        Butterfly tea draws the essence of several tea varieties in Fujian and covers various major teas categories including black tea, green tea, white tea, flower tea and Oolong tea. With its experienced technical expert team, China Tea has set up the traceable tea supply system and quality guarantee system throughout the whole industry chain, and won the honors such as "Fujian Famous Trademark", and "Fujian International Well-known Brand" the only one among tea products.
        The brand “100-year Wooden Warehouse” of dark tea is the first brand of ecological dark tea. Currently, it is used in China Tea’s dark tea products, and ranks first for market recognition in China and second in the industry. The long tea storage history, unique architectural style, and inside golden micro-ecological microbial environment of the 100-year wooden warehouse give the brand “100-year Wooden Warehouse” unique cultural connotation and historical value, and is the important element to distinguish the brand from other brands.
        In 1982, the trademark "Monkey King" was registered for jasmine tea. The logo was chosen implying to be the king of the industry. Monkey King made the tea products go out of China and to the world. "Monkey King" jasmine tea is made meticulously adopting the standard clean production process. As the sublimation of the traditional tea quality, such jasmine tea both maintains the strong and refreshing tea flavor and has fresh lovely floral fragrance. Drinking "Monkey King" jasmine tea, you will feel strong fragrance and sweat taste, and invigorating and returning to nature. There is a reputation of "Preferentially drinking Maotai Liquor and Monkey King Tea" in China, especially in the Three Norths (namely, northeast, north and northwest China).
        China Tea Co. Ltd.