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        Company Information

        China Tea improved the layout of Puer Tea and put Yunnan Menghai Factory into production

        Release time:2018-05-30

        The opening ceremony of Yunnan Menghai Factory, China Tea was held in Yunnan Province on March 20, 2018.

        Located in Menghai Industrial Park, Yunnan Menghai Factory, China Tea covers an area of 80 Mu and has an annual processing capacity of 2,000 tons. It has successfully transformed several new practical patents on the products of China Tea, with its complete modern Puer Tea processing production line including standardized pre-production workshop, fermentation workshop, refining workshop, pressing workshop and others. Putting this factory into production will effectively alleviate China Tea’s problem of shortage of capacity in Yunnan which has troubled China Tea for a long time, and allow China Tea to increase scientific research strength in terms of fermentation of ripe tea, providing consumers with safe and high quality Puer Tea products.

        In the future, China Tea will innovate the development ideas, improve the traditional craft, foster flagship enterprises, perfect the business layout in Yunnan, bear the responsibility for the industrial mission, and make a new contribution to the development of Puer Tea in strict accordance with the instructions and requirements of Zhao Shuanglian, President and Secretary of the CPC Committee of COFCO.