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        Company Information

        Zhao Shuanglian inspected the safe production and visited the grassroots staff in China Tea ? Kunming Tea Factory

        Release time:2018-05-30

        On February 7, 2018, Zhao Shuanglian, President and Secretary of the CPC Committee of COFCO, inspected the safe production and greeted the staff in China Tea ? Kunming Tea Factory.

        Zhao Shuanglian listened to the report on production safety of Kunming Tea Factory, and carried out on-spot investigation and inspection on safe production in Small Package Workshop, Pretreatment Workshop, Compression Workshop, Compression & Package Workshop, QC Lab and so on.

        Zhao Shuanglian expressed affirmation of the safe production work of China Tea, and raise requirements for the development of China Tea. He stressed that China Tea should further unify the thought, innovate the thinking of reform and development, set up a new concept of development, focus on global affairs, and become one of the leaders in the industry; it should also take the flagship construction as the focus of the work in the next two years, and give full play to the functions of the command center integrating brand, technology, marketing and technology services; should strengthen the technology and product innovation, comprehensively upgrade the traditional process and technology, improve the layout, optimize the brand channels, and promote the industrial transformation and upgrading.

        On behalf of the Group Committee of the CPC, Zhao Shuanglian sent a New Year greeting to all the staff of Kunming Tea Factory. In addition, he asked the work and life of the difficult staff in detail and issued the holiday condolence payment to them.

        Yin Jianhao, President and Secretary of the CPC Committee of China Tea, Wang Guiqing, General Manager of China Tea, Liu Yun, Director of Administrative Office of COFCO, Wang Zhiying, Director of HR Department of COFCO, Heng Hong, Deputy Director of the CPC Party-mass Work Department of COFCO accompanied Zhao Shuanglian.