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        Company Information

        China Tea entered the United Nations Headquarters on behalf of the traditional Chinese culture

        Release time:2018-05-30

        As the representative of the traditional Chinese culture, China Tea was presented at the "24 Solar Terms" Brand Alliance Exhibition held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York recently.

        The event of "24 Solar Terms ? Entering the UN" was jointly organized by COFCO, the Palace Museum, and Beijing Design Week, aiming to show China’s innovative theory and the latest progress on the protection of world cultural heritages, so as to let the world understand and participate in the dissemination and innovation of the Chinese traditional culture.

        Tea culture is an important part of the Chinese traditional culture. The brand "China Tea" represents the quality and taste of Chinese tea. Over more than 60 years since its establishment, China Tea products have brought fragrance at home and abroad as a country gift for many times. They were designated as special-purpose products in the APEC Meeting, BRICS Summit, “the Belt & Road” International Cooperation Forum and other meetings for many times. This time, Yellow Seal Puer Tea (raw tea), one of top quality products of China Tea, made a stage pose at the United Nations Headquarters, highlighting the historical background and reliable quality of the products of the brand China Tea, and also reflecting the responsibility and mission of China Tea as a state-owned enterprise.

        With fully understanding and deep insight of the Chinese tea industry, China Tea, under the leadership of COFCO, continuously reforms and innovates, takes creating the world's leading tea enterprises as its corporate vision, and is engaged in offering to consumers around the world with tea, the most ancient and attractive natural health drink, to make the Chinese tea culture to carry forward in the world.