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        Company Information

        China Tea has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiaguan TuoTea

        Release time:2018-05-30

        On March 19, 2018, China Tea and Yunnan Xiaguan TuoTea (Group) Co., Ltd. signed the "Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation ".

        According to the Agreement, the two parties will actively carry out cooperation in terms of brand communication, business & technology, marketing, equity, and other aspects based on their own resources, brands, capital, products, and channels, under the leadership and support of COFCO and the Dali Prefecture government, so as to constantly enlarge the popularity and influence of Puer Tea and promote the healthy and rapid development of the Puer Tea industry through consolidation of advantageous tea resources in Yunnan and changing the little messy situation of the Puer tea industry.

        The two parties agreed that China Tea Company is the representative in the industry as an integrated operator with multiple categories, multiple channels, and multiple models of business, and also has unique advantages in multi-category resource, brand, capital strength, domestic and foreign channels, management system, operation system, team, and other aspects; while Xiaguan TuoTea is a 100-year old brand in Yunnan Province and has distinct advantages in the inheritance of upstream tea resources, accumulation of the brand history, tea-processing technology and production, regional brand and channel network, professional operation team of Puer Tea; the two parties have strong complementarity and broad cooperation space in the field of Puer Tea, and would promote China's tea industry to enter a new stage of development by combining strengths and win-win cooperation.

        The auction attracted great attention from the leadership of China Tea and strong support from the experts from the industry. The leadership team of China Tea, Gu Hailin, General Manager in charge of auction of consumption articles of Ali Auction, Liu Xiaowei, President of Googut Wine&Spirits, and other leaders of the co-organizers attended the event. Wang Qing, Chairman of the China Tea Marketing Association, Yao Jingbo, Vice Chairman of the China Tea Marketing Association, Lu Shuxun, Vice Chairman of President of Guangdong Tea Collection and Appreciation Association, and leaders of other industry associations and experts in the industry were also presented in the auction.

        China Tea pointed out that the value of old tea lies not only in the rare and unique products certificated by experts, but also the accumulation of the masters' feelings and history; China Tea is willing to set up a platform for the trade of old tea, and hope that the old tea of China Tea that is scattered in the market can give full play to the vitality, to radically reorganize and clear the market, set up the standards, and present good quality tea for tea lovers.

        Wang Qing, Chairman of the China Tea Marketing Association, commented that China Tea, as the first professional company in China, made its contributions to breaking the international blockade in the early construction stage of the People's Republic of China, had a high reputation in the global market over the past 60 years, and was giving its new vitality now as the mixed-ownership reform  was completed; China Tea is the only "national team" in the field of tea, so everybody trusted the old tea presented in tea auction by China Tea. Friends from all walks of life were expected to enjoy the fun of tea in the auction.

        The auction adopted the form of combination of online and offline auctions. The packed venue, incessant bidding wars, and constant gavel sounds brought the atmosphere of the scene to the climax. Various experts from China Tea introduced the history and manufacturing method of the old tea, leading to enthusiasm of the customers; at the same time, there were numerous tea lovers online participating in the bidding for buying the high quality tea products of China Tea, among which, Qianliang tea produced by China Tea in 1983 became the final lot of the auction at the closing price of RMB 1 million Yuan, after several rounds of bidding. This product, after 35 years of maturing, has elegant taste and extremely high value for collection. It was sold to a tea lover successfully with "price jump".

        The bidders online in Ali Auction also carried out fierce competitive bidding. 2012 Dragon Cake produced in 2012 and 8653 blue cake tea produced in pure dry storage in the 1980s, and Iron Cake tea with the traditional Chinese characters with ChinaTea logo produced in the 1980s, were bought by the online buyers. Such online and offline auction allowed more tea lovers to enjoy the fun of an old tea auction, although they were unable to be present in the auction.

        The old tea auction sponsored by China Tea provided a reliable, professional and authoritative platform for collectors who like to drink and collect old tea in the turbulent market of old tea, allowing consumers who like old tea to buy, drink and collect it at ease and free from worry, and standardizing the old tea market together with the society for sharing a quality life.