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        Company Information

        China Tea put a new Liu Pao Tea factory into operation for improving its business layout

        Release time:2018-05-30

        On January 16, 2018, the opening ceremony of Wuzhou Tea Factory, China Tea was held in Wuzhou, Guangxi Province.

        Zhang Junwei, General Manager of Wuzhou Tea Factory, China Tea, indicated that the newly built modern tea processing plant has now the most advanced edulcoration equipment, automatic stainless steel fermentation tank, automatic production line for compressed tea and automatic small package production line in the industry of Liu Pao tea, which well solve the problems with clean, mechanized, automatic, visualized processing production, conform to the modern food safety requirements, and lead the processing trend of the industry of Liu Pao Tea; after the completion of the new factory, Wuzhou Tea Factory, China Tea, would add the tea processing capacity of 2,000-ton Liu Pao Tea, and become the largest enterprises for the processing capacity of Liu Pao Tea with a total capacity of more than 3000 tons, laying a solid foundation for realizing the strategic target of China Tea becoming the first in the Liu Pao tea industry; Wuzhou Tea Factory inherited and carried forward the traditional "cellaring process" for Liu Pao tea by different cellaring environments and different microbial floras, making the substance contained in Liu Pao tea transform fully and form the signature quality of cellared Liu Pao tea, i.e., "red, thick, long-lasting, and pure" and also unique healthcare efficacies of clearing damp, reducing blood glucose, recuperating intestines and stomach, dispelling the effect of alcohol and protecting liver; After the completion of the new factory, Wuzhou Tea Factory, China Tea, would strive to make new breakthroughs in the tea-processing technology of the controlled floating and develop the super single products of Liu Pao tea.

        The celebration scene firstly introduced the concept of "Closing Jar" in the Liu Pao tea industry, globally selling 2018 cans of commemorative tea for the celebration of Wuzhou Tea Factory, China Tea, with a limited manner, each of which was marked with the only exclusive number on the bottom and has the most memorable and collection value. Also a public interest auction was held in the celebration scene with the "Closing Jar" tea, and all amounts from auction would be donated to the well construction project of Wuzhou Libu Primary School and playground construction project of Wuzhou Gudao Primary School, to improve the living and learning conditions of those children. This is a big move of China Tea to actively practice the corporate social responsibility and make contributions to poverty alleviation in western China, carrying forward the spirit of a new era, i.e., "dedication, love, mutual aid, and progress".

        Wang Guiqing, General Manager of China Tea Co., Ltd., Jiang Haidong, Deputy Secretary of the Wuzhou Municipal Party Committee of the CPC, Liu Zhonghua, Dean of China Tea Business School, Yao Jingbo, Vice President of China Tea Marketing Association attended the ceremony.